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About Jess (Muthi Tidda)

Jess is a Muthi Muthi woman and creates artwork for people to develop and understanding and appreciation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Jess is truly incredible at what she does, and we couldn’t be more grateful to work alongside her!



"Tully" is inspired by my beautiful daughter. A name that suggests calmness, strength, and being there for others. It feels like a peaceful sanctuary, offering a sense of security and stability. Whether it's about bringing peace or being a source of strength and support, "Tully" embodies a reassuring presence that uplifts those around it.

- Jess, Muthi Tidda



Safety Breakaway Clasp

Detachable Clip

High Quality Metal Clasp

Material: Polyester + Faux Leather

Total Length: Approx 60cm from top to bottom clasp

Tully Fabric Lanyard - Detachable (Muthi Tidda x Miss T Teachables)

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