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About Jess (Muthi Tidda)

Jess is a Muthi Muthi woman and creates artwork for people to develop and understanding and appreciation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Jess is truly incredible at what she does, and we couldn’t be more grateful to work alongside her!



Discovering the beauty in every ray of light, illuminating even the darkest corners with positivity and hope. “The brighter side” is a way of looking at life with optimism and resilience, choosing to see the good in situations and maintaining hope for the future. Adding a splash of fun and quirkiness!


Safety Breakaway Clasp
High Quality Metal Clasp
Material: Polyester + Faux Leather
Total Length: Approx 55cm from top to bottom clasp

The Brighter Side Fabric Lanyard - Detachable (Muthi Tidda x Miss T Teachables)

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