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Acrylic Sign:


Dobule Sided

Comes with stand for quick assembly

Peel protective layers before use


My Strength:

This artwork represents the strength I have to be a bold and passionate person despite things that may come my way. I am true to myself, something I was taught by my Elders at a very young age. With small everyday decisions I face, I reflect on the type of person I want to be, and the type of person that would make my family proud. In the piece you will see flowing water, symbolic of my emotions as I have grown up. Times haven't always been easy, but it's the hard times that have made me grow into who I am today.


About Merindah Gunya:

My name is Bayley Mifsud and I am a proud descendent of Peek and Kirrae Whurrong clans of the Maar nation, from South-West Victoria (Warrnambool). My Aboriginal name Merindah-Gunya, means ‘Beautiful Spirit’. My name was gifted to me by my parents, and through a naming ceremony on Country, supported by my Elders and community.  Practicing and sharing my culture through art and storytelling is very important to me, my family and community. It continues a practice that our community has been sharing for over two centuries now. My hope is that it will continue to be shared for many centuries to come. By purchasing my artwork, you too will become a part of the continuing story of an ancient tradition and progressing reconciliation

My Strength Acknowledgement of Country Sign (Merindah Gunya x MTT)

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