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About Jess (Muthi Tidda)

Jess is a Muthi Muthi woman and creates artwork for people to develop and understanding and appreciation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Jess is truly incredible at what she does, and we couldn’t be more grateful to work alongside her!



Self Love: Putting yourself, your happiness and your well-being first.

Courage: Having and finding the courage within us to complete everything that the day throws at us.

Calming: Freeing yourself from any worries.

Playfulness: Having a child like innocence and just enjoying life.

Belonging: Coming together and working as one.

Harmony: Finding and holding onto your inner peace. Learning to listen and accept difference.


Children's Ground:

We have also chosen to donate 10% of all profits to Jess’ chosen charity; Children’s Ground. Your purchase will help end entrenched disadvantage in a generation. Here is the link to Children’s Ground if you would love to learn more about their philosophy!

Muthi Tidda Fabric Lanyard (Muthi Tidda X Miss T Teachables)

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