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This is perfect for little ones to practice emotional regulation strategies. These lanyards are a great teacher tool to help students effectively communicate their emotions.


Breakaway clasp

Suitable for little fingers

Easy clean

Flexible and tactile with raised faces/words

Size: 13x3.5cm

Double sided: Words on one side, emotions on the other


(These products are NOT chewable toys/safe for the mouth). If this tool is being used by a child, supervision must be held at all times.




Please find our discounts for our Emotional Regulation Tools below.

10pcs - 10% off RRP
20pcs - 15% off RRP
30pcs - 20% off RRP
50pcs - 25% off RRP
60pcs - 30% off RRP
70pcs - 35% off RRP
80pcs - 40% off RRP
90pcs - 45% off RRP
100pcs - 50% off RRP

Further discounts apply for orders over 100pcs. Please get in touch!

To place a discounted order, please get in touch via email (

Emotional Wellbeing Lanyard

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