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Safety Breakaway Clasp

High Quality Clasp: Silver

Material: Polyester + Faux Leather

Length: 110cm

Total Length, 55cm from top to bottom clasp




Please find our discounts for our Emotional Regulation Tools below.


10pcs - 10% off RRP

20pcs - 15% off RRP

30pcs - 20% off RRP

50pcs - 25% off RRP

60pcs - 30% off RRP

70pcs - 35% off RRP

80pcs - 40% off RRP

90pcs - 45% off RRP

100pcs - 50% off RRP


Further discounts apply for orders over 100pcs. Please get in touch!


To place a discounted order, please get in touch via email (


This product is an independent product and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Think Social Publishing, Inc. or by Leah Kuypers, author of The Zones of Regulation

Emotional Regulation Fabric Lanyard

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