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Say hello to innovation, style and an industry first!

These stunning, sleek statement pieces are complete with Vegan Leather, high quality hardware, and a breakaway clasp, with a mix and match style so you can create the most perfect personalised lanyard for YOU. Choose from black, tan, rose or white vegan leather, and match it with silver, gold, rose gold or gunmetal hardware.

I designed these lanyards with versatility at the front of my mind. The letters are easily changeable to give you the opportunity to change your custom name/text whenever you need.

Gone are the days where a personalised lanyard is set in stone. We are so proud to bring you truly versatile and customisable lanyard.


Choose your Leather Lanyard and hardware colour, then choose your letters from our 'Letters for Luxe Leather Lanyard' listing.


Length: 50cm


Our Luxe Leather Lanyard is unavailable for our $2.45 untracked shipping.


PLEASE NOTE: The circle 'buttons' you see on our Luxe products is a screw. The screw is there to allow for the lanyard, wristlet or bag strap to be undone for the letters to be changed. Please check the tightness of your screw regularly to see if it needs tightening. These screws may loosen over long periods of time if they are not checked.


Store out of direct sunlight.

White Luxe Leather Lanyard

Hardware Colour
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