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Say hello to your new Prac Bestie!


This 281 page Prac Planner is going to be your best friend during your practicum. This planner is the ultimate sidekick to set you up for success to help you nail your practicum!


You will be guided through getting your bearings in your new prac school, planning, reflection, feedback, behaviour management, professional development, student relationships and the other nitty-gritty aspects of prac!


What's in the Practicum Planner?

  • Pages to help you find your feet on prac (Prac details, school details, school map, meeting your mentor, setting prac goals, class schedule, class lists, student groupings, school programs/policies, meeting student needs, birthdays, seating plan, student profiles)
  • Observations (Initial observations, lesson observations and student observations)
  • Planner Pages (Term overview, self care tracker, hydration tracker, exercise tracker, feelings tracker, weekly spreads (including weekends, 'to do' and 'next week') and notes
  • Assessment (Strategies, reflection of assessment strategies, assessment checklists)
  • Student goals (Set those student goals! Top tip: release kiddies from the mat (or get them to start the task for older kiddies) with individual student goals! Keep track of your goals for your students, as well as their personal goals!)
  • Behaviour Management (Behaviour management strategy reflection, behaviour tracking logs, behaviour profiles)
  • Anecdotal Notes
  • Professional engagement (Professional Development, targeting AITSL Standards, Action plan to impliment Professional Development, Staff Meeting Logs).
  • Feedback (Mentor feedback forms reflecting on the AITSL standards, prompts for you to reflect directly on the mentor feedback)
  • Reflections (Page of reflection questions/prompts, detailed lesson and weekly reflections targeting AITSL Standards, improvements, strengths and an action plan for next lesson, reflection logs)
  • Reflection on the graduate standards (Space for you to allocate evidence against the AITSL Standards for portfolio prep)
  • Prac Scrapbook & Achievement Evidence (Insert evidence or images of you on your practicum experience. Reflect on your week and the things you have achieved!)
  • Notes and extra checklists (for all of your prac brain dumps!)



Included in ZIP file:

  • PDF Practicum Planner
  • Covers (PDF & Editable PowerPoint)

Digital Practicum Planner

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