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32 Page PDF


Simply print onto paper or card to use in your classroom!


This resource was created by Liana for Miss T Teachables.

Find Hayley on instagram here: @teachwithmissmewett


Liana's example of how you can use our Bubbling Behaviour Display:


This behaviour system is designed to promote independent responsibility for making good behaviour choices. This set includes a gorgeous heading “We are bubbling with good choices” and individual bubbles with a blank spot at the top for students names. This system works in quite a simple yet effective way. Students receive a new bubble at the beginning of the week on the wall (or any area) of the display. Each student bubble has 10 small bubbles inside which is equivalent to 2 chances a day! When students do things like calling out in class the teacher will ask them to “pop a bubble”. The student can colour in one bubble to show that it has popped. At the end of the week any students who have 2/3 (teachers choice) bubbles left can receive a reward of the teachers choice for making good choices this week. Another additional option is the teacher can keep the bubbles at the end of the week and set a whole class goal.

Digital Bubbling Behaviour Management Display

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