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Custom Lanyards
Introducing Miss T Teachables Custom Lanyards. Since we started Miss T Teachables, we have had countless messages for customers to design their own lanyard, so here it is! You have three Custom Lanyard options: Basic Custom (5-6 Standard Beads), Specialty Custom (3-5 Specialty Beads) or Standard Custom (1 Specialty Bead and 5 Standard Beads).
If you have created a 'Specialty Custom Lanyard' template, you must add the 'Specialty Custom Lanyard' to your cart, and so on.
Step One:
Download our Custom Lanyard Templates. You will need to upload your finished template by filling out the form below.
Step Two:
Choose your desired custom lanyard.
Fill out the fields and add it to your cart.
Step Three:
Upload your completed Custom Lanyard Template.
You can do this before or after purchasing.
Submit your Custom Lanyard Template
Upload Image File

Thanks for submitting!

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